Makers for Canon

Since 2009 we’ve supported Canon with product launch films, demonstrations, documentaries, 2K, 4K and 8K big screen content.

We operate agile, efficient documentary crews interviewing in Japanese, Finnish, German, shooting across Europe and Japan to deliver hours of quality content to Canon’s strict quality and brand guidelines for ATL and BTL campaigns.

Our work transports the viewer to the private Canon Museum in Tokyo to meet the Research and Development team, and on to Milan Design Week to talk to Canon’s product visionaries about past inspiration and future innovation.

Our work is on permanent display at Canon’s UK headquarters

Canon at Milan Design Week

The ‘NEOREAL IN THE FOREST’ show at Milan Design Week features work from architect Ryuji Nakamura, fashion design studio ‘mintdesigns’ and imaging artist Nobuhiro Shimura. This is a short documentary exploring the creative work with a rare interview with visionary Mr Masachi Sakai from the Canon Inc Design Centre.

“New technology and New Art are directly connected.”

“Creating brand new means of expression, something that resonates and stays with you, something you have never seen before, is an indication of the digital imaging possibilities that Canon is trying to achieve.”
Mr Masachi Sakai
Canon Inc Design Centre.

Projecting in 8K

For Canon’s Amsterdam expo we took a series of Canon Ambassadors photographs and brought them to life with a slow motion animation effect called ‘cinemagraphs’.

slow motion animation cinemagraphs

Bringing technology to life

What happens if you can’t film a new product? You recreate it as lifelike graphics.

lifelike graphics

When you can film it, you make it beautiful.